Ugh (K) & (M)

So, this married thing is going to be….interesting. Here’s a sample of recent arguments:

Why does M never want to talk to me on the phone but as soon as I get home and play video games she suddenly wants to chat all the time? (K)

Why does K find it hard to go on a simple target run that lasts no more than an hour, yet can play a video game for 6-8 hours without blinking, eating, or really breathing? (M)

How can someone take 18 bubble baths in a day? (K)

How can someone walk from the front door to the back with a bag of new electronics and somehow leave a trail of wrappers and packaging that never quite make it to the trash can? (M)

It’s okay, I love her. (K)

It’s okay, I love him. (M)


Hello world! (M)

And so it begins…

K and I decided to get hitched this year. We are pretty stoked. There are a lot of ups and downs with planning a wedding, buying a house, and somehow coordinating two very different lives. Keep checking in to hear from either me (M) or my husband to be, K! (You’ll know who it is by the blog title.)

Why K & M and not our full names? Listen people, there are a lot of creeps out there. You get the gist. We could change our names too. The stories will be the same. 🙂 I always wanted my name to be something exotic…like Natalie. Oh well.