There is a quote that has gotten me through the past year (or as my family calls it: “The year from h e double hockey sticks.”) The year wasn’t confined to just one person in my family – the horrible hit us all. And it didn’t stop. Just when we thought the light was finally peeking through, bam something else would happen. Anyway, one simple little quote helped me try and stay clear and not spiral down into the despair of all the bad.

“I like projecting positivity. I believe that we are all fields of energy and you have the choice whether to be a positive or negative field of energy. I know that sounds hippie-ish but it’s what I believe fundamentally. So you could be a bag of toxicity, or you could be a happy, good person that spreads joy. I believe in spreading joy.” Drew Barrymore

It’s simple. It’s cliche even, maybe. But keeping my eyes towards finding a way to spread joy or looking to focus on someone else is what helped me stay in a positive space when everything else was so bad and all I wanted to do was spiral into grief, anger or utter sadness. I loved E.T. from the day I saw it and I especially loved Drew’s character, Gertie. So thank you Gertie for being my phrase in the dark.

I think I am most proud of my parents through all of it. They experienced so much loss. So much stress. So much worry. Yet here they are…still smiling. Loving on a little dog named George. Remembering all the good times they had with those they lost. George is actually named after my mother’s dad who loved a good dog. Some of our favorite pictures of him were when he was snuggling up to his dogs. That’s how my parents are – so remarkably strong that they can find the good parts of any bad situations. We’re coming up to the end of the year from h e double hockey sticks and we are all very, very hopeful and very, very ready for clear skies and calm hearts.

But even if the storm does get bad again, Lord knows he has equipped us with an incredible amount of strength. Strength we didn’t know we had until now. And the love and support of so so many of you who have reached out, said kind words, and sent sweet messages. You will never know how much they have meant.

December 2014, you have a whole lot riding on your shoulders.


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